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I'm Coranna Howard, a programmer and game maker based in the Seattle area.

Growing up surrounded by computers, I quickly developed a fascination with games & software. At the age of 13, this naturally brought me to programming, beginning with the reverse-engineering and reimplementation of software & data. In those early 5 years, I built a solid foundation in the practical and theoretical of computer science. Subsequently, for 8 years now, I have ventured along a path of questioning, reforming, and expanding this foundation, with a focus on low-level systems and an insatiable pursuit of perfection in simplicity. As a life-long tinkerer and explorer, I am driven by curiosity and careful observation, but this thoughtfulness is checked by pragmatism.

Shortly after I began exploring programming, I started working in IT. This brought me to many domains, the majority of which involved a significant degree of software engineering. As I navigated these domains, I learned to debate principally and coöperatively, gaining as much forward improvement as possible to square with the reality of legacy software dependence and entrenched policy. Though I am an ardent banner carrier for my principles, I recognize where & how they don't always meet with reality. My professional experience, complemented by the foundation I grew up on, yields a diverse set of practical skills and knowledge.

It is challenging to concisely communicate the breadth & depth of my interests, but my long history of personal projects is, in turn, also diverse, going from reverse-engineering games, user-patching abandoned games, augmenting game servers, and crafting desktop utilities — to language (human & machine), games, game engines, game and game server emulation, code generation, terminal UI, build and asset pipeline tooling, complete core libraries, and integrated life-tracking software.

In the wider community, I have been an attentive attendant and teacher, having spent many of my years helping people learn C++ and a variety of games technology. I have contributed to open-source projects such as libc++, GLM, Go, Pygments, SPIR-V, and Elixir, among others. From 2012 to 2014, I volunteered Linux QA for 19 games. In the same vein, I am a two-time participant of the game jam Ludum Dare, where I spend much of my time on community feedback and critique. My less-visible community work spans the Wikimedia wikis and Project Gutenberg.

I am currently seeking contract work and employment in software engineering, design, and technical writing for apps (of many concerns; please inquire), tools, services, science/studies, games (especially porting), and game engines — or consultation and research in these areas. I give preference to companies or governments working on environmental & social betterment, public services, and in related civic areas. I am also open to small (low or no budget) collaborative projects with independent craftspeople.